Spare parts for steam turbines

Spare parts for steam turbines are performed in accordance with technical documents supplied by the following turbine plants: JSC "LMZ", JSC "Turboatom", JSC NZL, JSC TMZ, JSC KTZ, Bryansk Machine-building Plant (calco-holder OJSC PTMZ) HCKB "Energoprogress" (when performing reconstruction and modernization projects of steam turbines) other special purpose project enterprises and in accordance with own designs from CJSC "PetroCity"



Below we give only a selection from produced nomenclature of spare parts for turbines in order to introduce possibilities and experience of our company.

Joints and Parts of Turbine Liquid Ends

  1. Rotors of steam turbines with the weight of 20 tons, maximum, D ext. 2,600 mm (production and repair)
  2. Bladed rotor wheels.
  3. Vane packets, welded (manual welding).
  4. Working blades for steam turbines CHP, CMP, CLD with various types of tails, including working blades for modular turbines CLD К-160-130, К-200-130, К-300-240. Guide vanes and production bodies for steam turbines of reactive type.
  5. Bandages of working and guide vanes (profiled and flat) Segments of fastening wire.
  6. Segments of solderless wire (damper). Work material for rivets.
  7. Nozzle blocks (machined, stack, welded).
  8. Nozzle vanes.
  9. Guiding devices and vanes for them.
  10. Membranous collars.
  11. Welded membranes.
  12. Cast membranes with the weight of up to 5000 kg.
  13. Adjusting membranes.
  14. End closures.
  15. Cast, welded collars.
  16. Gasket rings.

Joints and Parts for Steam Distribution and Turbine Adjustment, including:

  • Finger, ring safety regulators.
  • Cut-off, adjusting valves.
  • Piston servo-engines of valves.
  • Cammed distribution devices.
  • Hingeless speed control devices (PC 3000-5), membrane-band, and centrifugal ones.
  • Control blocks. Control valve blocks. Pressure controls compartments, speed control valves.
  • Spare parts for steam distribution and adjustment blocks. Valves, saddles, rods, box bearings. Slide valves. Box bearings. Cogs.

Other Joints and Parts of Turbines:

  • Slider bearings: support, thrust, support and thrust bearings. Thrusts. Sliding blocks.
  • Rigid, cammed, semi flexible, flexible, cogged, friction clutches.
  • Centrifugal, cogged oil pumps.
  • Turning devices.
  • Various valves: return valves, blow-off valves, KOS-valves.
  • Gear units and worm gears: worm-and-worm pairs with an Archimedean worm, cylindrical evolvent gears, conic straight tooth gears. Module m<=20 /conical m<=10/.
  • Fittings: for high pressure, specialized, certified in accordance with GOST. Pins and nuts of nominal size from M10 to M160. Material: Steel 35, ЭИ10. ЭП182 and other materials.
  • Pressure springs, extension springs, flat , coiled ones.